Good bye and thank you 2015

2015 has been a year of growth for me.

This is the year that I got elected (and currently) as the Executive Vice President of PUPT Junior Marketing Association. It’s an honor and a responsibility, as Pia said, to be in an organization. JMA has a good record on its first year, we were awarded as the Best Organization so it was a bit of pressure to us, the second set of officers. But thank God! On our recent Quest for the Best 2015, we were awarded as the Best in Sports, Best in Arts and The Director’s Cup. We organized events inside and outside the university. By that, I was able to learn so many things like organizing events, contacting sponsors, meeting other people, attending seminars and events and the most important of all, give service to my fellow JMAnians. As spiderman says, a great power comes with a great responsibility. Public speaking scares me, I hate talking to other people, I was an introvert but little by little, I had the confidence to speak out and appreciate what others see in me when I don’t even see in myself. All glory to God.

A year of giving. As the current Gawad Kalinga Youth batch leader, I got the chance to help and reach out people in need. This will touch my heart forever. I realized how blessed I am compared to other people and by that, it’s always a time to give. Being a volunteer is more than just the title, it is putting yourself in their situation and it is feeling what they feel. It’s not just giving what they need but also knowing their stories. I also got the chance to share the word of God to children in our CSR together with my classmates. It’s an opportunity to see the other side of the society and an eye opener to my national consciousness.  All glory to God.

As I was scrolling through the pictures, my heart is pounding with wows. This year is the declaration that I am a Christian. I was water baptized last April. Months after that, I got the privilege to be an instrument of God to preach during our Youth Turn service with the topic “In a relationship with Church”.  On summer, I became a teacher during the Vacation Bible School. I formed my coach group by God’s grace and some of them are now part of the ministry. I’m currently part of the core leader of Youth Turn and leading the Trademark team. This is not to brag but to declare God’s goodness in my life. He entrusted me in different things that I can’t imagine and He is still in progress to use me more. He healed my heart, widen my perspective, gave me His dreams, touched me, loved me and took me higher. All glory to God!

This is my first out of the country trip and blessed because it’s with my family. It’s a great experience to know the culture and wonders of Singapore. It’s like getting to know the other people and also knowing yourself. I began to have the desire to travel more and see the different side of the world. Hoping and praying for more this 2016. All glory to God!


How would I know if I made the right decision?

“If it gives a peace in your heart and a good night sleep.”

Stop dreaming.

Do you remember all your wildest and biggest dreams when you were a child? You even thought that you could fly, be a mermaid using that pillowcase, a supermodel together with your barbie dolls, a fashion designer using your bath towel, you were that entrepreneur kind of kid or you tried selling stuff. You admire your teacher back then and told yourself, “I want to be a teacher” and even lead your small classroom of dolls or your group of friends. Then you saw another one after your mother brought you into the hospital, you said “I want to be a doctor” and you ask your mother to bought you a set of medical tools toys.

It’s funny. But to think that the older we got, the less things we dream about. Maybe because as we get older, we realize that things aren’t that easy to achieve. We got discouragements from the people around telling us, we cannot do it. We got rejections until it leads us not to continue or pursue our dreams. And sadly, we don’t believe in ourselves anymore because of too much failure and too much trying.

Do you remember all your wildest and biggest dreams when you were a child? What I admire to the children is their bravery and courage. They are fearless and will definitely do the things they want regardless of the embarrassment and the hurt. Why? Because they have that spirit to do it, simply because they love it.

We can always go back and have that kind of mindset. And this time we’re on the right age to stop dreaming and start doing. 

Cafe review : Carpe Diem – BF Homes

Today was supposed to be a Pinto Art Museum day for me and my sister yet because of some reasons, it was cancelled.

But I don’t want this free day to end without trying something new and as always, the Plan B, coffee shop hunt! I searched on Zomato and find high rated cafes in BF Homes Paranaque.

And here we are! Carpe Diem is a latin word which means seize the day. Their tagline goes, “seize the day with good coffee and food”.

If you’ll go there without a car, from BF Homes-kanto, ride a special tricycle near Pares, give the address 122 B Aguirre Avenue and pay 30 pesos. To make it sure, always look around while you’re in the tricycle because sometimes the driver doesn’t know all the shops here in BF, because it’s just too many.

Honestly, the place isn’t that inviting on the outside. We didn’t even noticed it because of its small place and also the ads aren’t too creative. Surprisingly, it’s spacious enough inside. It has 2 tables with 4 sofas and group 4 tables with chairs on the side. Atleast, 30 guests can occupy the chairs in the cafe. The place is simple, it felt like home plus their playlist is good. As we go in, most of the guests here are studying maybe because of their fast WiFi, ambiance and of course the food.

The staffs seem so nice and very accommodating. We ordered Iced Cappucino honestly didn’t expect that it has a strong coffee taste but hey I like the latte art (mice are drowning! lol). Nutella Haven is recommended if you like sweets, it has gummy worm on it.  Three-Cheese Panini and Chicken Cream Pasta are good! Thumbs up to the cafe’s price competitiveness.

My rate: 3.5/5

It is open from 9:30 AM to 12 Midnight. Air Conditioned. Cash only. Wifi Available.